Your Ultimate Guide to Office Chair Ergonomic Adjustments

Having a good ergonomic chair is crucial in a workplace, especially considering that employees tend to sit for long hours in front of their computers every single day. Besides, ergonomic office chairs can be adjusted in many ways depending on your preference.

Most people would opt for adjustable office chairs since they think that this will improve their ergonomics. However, adjustable office chairs are not the same as ergonomic chairs.

You’d want to know how you can make proper adjustments to your office chair so you can somehow alleviate back or neck pain, even prevent them in the first place. Let’s find out how.

Adjusting the Height of Your Backrest

The first thing you need to do to properly adjust your chair is to find the ideal height of your seat. This means adjusting the height of your backrest to achieve the right office chair back support for your spine’s curvature. Doing this not only helps improve your posture, but it also helps alleviate back pains.

To adjust the height, simply push and hold the two buttons on the back frame to release. The toll lift will adjust to your preferred height by lowering the backrest. To lock the position, you just need to release the two buttons you pushed earlier.

We also highly recommend placing your feet on the floor and positioning your knees at a 90-degree angle.

Measuring How Deep Your Seat Is

The seat’s depth might be something that you tend to overlook. Your seat’s depth refers to the distance between the front and back edge of your seat. Nevertheless, the right seat depth can make a lot of difference if you normally experience back pain.

You need to sit with your back completely against your chair to determine the right seat depth. After that, check the distance between the front edge of your chair to your calves. Make a fist and bring it to the front edge and push it on your calf.

If your fist can fit between your calf and the front edge, this space is likely enough for good blood circulation. However, if that’s the case, then that means your chair might be too deep.

For this, you might need to adjust the backrest of your chair forward, place a pillow, a rolled towel, or cushion for lower back support. Alternatively, you can just get another office chair.

 Checking the Height of Your Monitor

After adjusting the height of your table, you can start to notice your legs becoming comfier.
You can also notice much better support for your back. Now, you can check the height of your screen by casually facing forward and closing your eyes. Once you open your eyes, you should be able to aim at the center of your screen.

If that’s not the case, you can instead adjust your screen so that it is the same height as your gaze. If you are using a laptop, you can raise it by using a stand, a small box, or a stack of books.

Adjusting the Arms

You are getting closer and closer to having better ergonomics for your office chair. You can rest your arms comfortably on the side so that you can relieve your shoulder and upper back pressure and strain. The good news is, most ergonomic office chairs have adjustable armrests like the ones from Ergomeister.

The armrests of all Ergomeister chairs have 3 settings that are designed to adjust and support different arm placements and movements. You just need to remember that the armrest must touch your arms without raising your shoulder. Aside from giving you better body alignment, their armrest can relax the muscles on your neck and shoulders.

To adjust the height of the armrest, raise the knob found outside the side of the armrest and lower or lift it to your preferred height. Then, release the knob to lock the position. The depth of the armrest can also be adjusted by sliding the pads forward or backward until you have your preferred depth.

You can simply adjust the pivot of the armrest by rotating the armrest to change the angle.

Adjusting the Headrest

It is important to adjust the headrest of your office chair. After all, it can provide you with comfort and support to your head and neck when you are in a recline position. It also helps maintain your head at the eye level of your screen.

One of the primary components of an office chair’s design is its adjustability. You simply need to lift, lower, or tilt your headrest and allow your head and neck to be cradled by it.  Not only do these adjustments provide comfort, but they also benefit your health. 

Checking Your Posture When Sitting

You need to make sure that you push your bottom at the back of your chair when sitting so that you do not slouch or slump. Slouching or slumping can cause more pressure on your lower back.

It will surely help to take a break every 30 minutes or an hour and walk around to help you have a good and well-supported posture.

More Tips for Better Ergonomics

You should not cross your legs. It is best to keep both your feet flat on the ground when working. When you sit for a long period with your legs crossed, this can make you feel uncomfortable, causing you to sit in a non-ergonomic position. It can also cause pelvic tilt, shoulder arthroplasty, and improper head posture.

It also does a lot to keep your back and shoulders at the back straight. Avoid sitting in the same position for a long period. It is recommended to take a short break and stretch from time to time. Make sure that you buy an adjustable ergonomic office chair that offers all the features you need for better ergonomics.

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Ergomeister Office Chairs Provide Great Ergonomics

Now that you have a better understanding of how to sit in office chair properly by making the right adjustments, it’s also the perfect time to check out office chairs from Ergomeister, one of the leading office chair Singapore brands. Knowing the adjustments and tips mentioned, you can find the right Ergomeister chair that will fit your needs.

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