Dr. Benjamin Tan/Founder of CHIROGENESIS

“Absolutely great ergonomically-sound chair. What I really love about this chair is the soft and gentle natural support it lends to a healthy spine. The adjustable head piece is stellar because it allows for more flexion i.e. chin-tuck position to help maintain a good balance in the neck muscles. The adjustable elbow supports are great as it helps maintain low levels of tension within the shoulder region that can be elevated from stress and prolonged sitting.

I love the Air-Scape wired mesh as it provides that soft touch providing optimal lumbar support while preventing the lumbar muscles from being overactive. On the whole, the FAEZ8ERG is a fantastically designed chair with the intent of any individual’s ideal ergonomics at the core. It is imperative that all potential users of this product be mindful that our human bodies are designed for movement. This great chair is best suited for someone who understands that basic principle of human movement.”

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