Dr Jenny LI/Honorary Secretary of The Chiropractic Associations of Singapore

“Since working from home is here to stay. As a chiropractor, I see more people with neck and low back pain due to poor working conditions at home. I am fortunate to try this ergonomic office chair from @ergomeister FAEZ8ERG 8 series. Its mesh design suitable for Singapore weather. Plenty of lumbar support, which is also adjustable. Adjustable armrest helps you to maintain that natural 90 degrees at elbows.

I like the broad base of the chair, plenty of stability, and you can comfortably lean back to do that simple stretch between zoom meetings. The back, seat, and armrest pieces are all adjustable, so suitable for someone shorter legs and arms. #verticallychallenged. You can also go to the full recline position with just pressing bottoms on the side of the seat. Highly recommend it for anyone who needs some comfortable and proper work set up.”

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