Boost Productivity With These Genius Home Office Upgrades

Rigorous deadlines, difficult clients, and distractions can make working from home a nightmare for both freelancers and out of office workers. Couple that with a demotivating work environment, and you’re setting yourself up for failure.

While it’s easy to simply work on your laptop at the dining table or coffee table, experts suggest that a functional and specific work area is recommended when working from home. Having a designated workspace is vital to your productivity. That’s why taking the time and effort to improve your office is always worthy of investment.

Here are home office upgrade ideas to help you love your workspace and boost your productivity for the rest of the year.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Are you sitting comfortably? Studies have shown that proper sitting can improve productivity. It is essential to choose a quality ergonomic office chair that is not only comfortable, but also provide ergonomic support. Poor posture causes pain and discomfort, which will adversely affect productivity. 

Which is why, Ergomeister Ergonomic Office Chair  is the key to productivity. Packed with an abundance of adjustable features, both the Ergomesiter FAEZ5ERG and FAEZ8ERG can be easily tailored to the user’s body type. On top of that, with the Premium Ergonomic Air-Scape™ Mesh, the Ergomeister Ergonomic Office Chairs provide round-the-clock cooling ventilation in Singapore’s humid weather!

Additional Screen Space

Two monitors are always better than one. If you’re currently working on your laptop, getting a second screen through an external monitor can improve your working experience. In fact, there are studies that suggest that bigger monitors actually make people more productive.

Dimmable Lamp

Something as simple but useful as a dimmable lamp can do wonders for your home office. People who work in dark rooms often strain their eyes because of the lack of light. Furthermore, working on low lighting conditions can make you sleepy — and if done for regular and extended periods of time, can make you depressed. Adding a lamp can help you see your surroundings more clearly. It will also lift your mood during stressful days.

Wall Shelf

It’s no secret that clutter can make you unproductive. That’s because clutter is distracting. Too much clutter also influences your mood. A great way to deal with clutter is to increase your storage space. Start by maximising your available wall space by adding wall shelves. Shelves can be used to hold your favourite arts or books. It can also be used to keep important functional office supplies you use every day.


Did you know that scents can affect creativity? One amazing perk of having your own office is that you can have the freedom about how you want your space to smell. You can use a diffuser to infuse your space with your favourite scent. Whether you want your office smelling like mint, cherry blossoms, or tea tree — there are countless available essential oils out there for you.

Adjustable Desks

Sitting for long periods of time is known to cause various chronic diseases including heart disease and cancer. So if you’re working from home, an adjustable desk is truly a great investment. An adjustable desk can allow you to sit or stand throughout the day.

Stretching Mat

Stretching is so underrated. Everyone’s talking about eating healthy and getting enough sleep, but nobody’s talking about stretching regularly. Stretching is important, just like exercise. Stretching helps you move your muscles and keeps them flexible. It also helps maintain motion in your joints. Weak muscles become tight and painful.

Potted Plants

Various studies have shown that plants make people happy. It also increases our productivity while working. Aside from it improves the overall aesthetics of your space, plants can also remove toxins in the air. They’re also very easy to maintain. So if you can’t get pets, why not try getting plants instead?

Get productive with your brand new Ergomeister FAEZ5ERG  and FAEZ8ERG office chairs today! Our ergonomic office chair collection is designed with adjustable armrests, headrests, and back support to provide the optimal support while working from home. Enjoy exclusive benefits such as Same-Day Free Delivery and Assembly, and our 60-day risk-free trial for every customer.

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