What Is Ergonomics?

For many types of jobs, the equipment used can be a significant factor in the workplace, affecting just how well employees perform their job. After all, with the right equipment, the chances of performing better are higher since you can do your job more efficiently and seamlessly.

However, in an office setting, what constitutes the “right equipment?” In this case, the right equipment means furniture that has the proper ergonomics, such as your office chair.

Still, this leads to another question, “what exactly is ergonomics?” Moreover, why is it essential to have ergonomic office furniture, such as an ergonomic office chair?

To learn more about what ergonomics is and its importance in your workplace, continue reading this article.

 Ergonomics: What Is It?

So, what exactly is ergonomics? In general, ergonomics is defined as the process of modifying a workplace to suits the employees’ needs, ensuring there’s harmony between them and their work environment.

Simply put, ergonomics involves applying what you know about their specific needs to ensure they have a safe, effective, and overall comfortable work environment.

Not only will ergonomics help boost workplace productivity, but it can also eliminate many of the work hazards employees have to face daily.

In most cases, employers can observe proper ergonomics in the workplace by providing their employees with ergonomic furniture, such as ergonomic office chairs or computer peripherals.

Benefits of Ergonomics

Most of us have heard about the importance of ergonomics in the workplace, but how exactly can an ergonomic office chair be beneficial for you?

Well, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with proper ergonomics.

1. Boosts Productivity

Ergonomics has often been tied to increased productivity in the workplace since it enables you to feel more comfortable in your workspace, allowing you to focus more on your tasks at work.

2. Improves Circulation

In addition, ergonomics have also been known to help with circulation since ergonomic furniture enables you to observe proper posture, which can help optimise your circulation even while seated.

3.Decreases Pain

Ergonomic furniture, like an office chair with back support, can also help reduce the chances of experiencing back pain since they reduce the strain on your spine and allow you to practice proper posture.

4. Improves Work Quality

As mentioned, ergonomics can improve your productivity, allowing you to get more things done in a shorter period. Similarly, ergonomics can also help improve your work quality since you’ll be more attentive to your tasks.

5. Encourages Work Safety

Not only will ergonomics help make your workplace more comfortable, but it can also encourage safety in the office since it will eliminate many of the common hazards employees experience.

Applying Ergonomics at Work

So, now that you know what ergonomics is and its benefits, let’s discuss how to apply the concept in your workplace. Since every person is different, there’s really no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to proper work ergonomics.

In this case, here are some of the general guidelines for observing proper workplace ergonomics.

  • Monitor

First, you need to ensure that your computer monitor is positioned correctly to avoid experiencing neck strain during work, especially if you need to work in front of a screen for long periods.

In this case, your computer monitor should be at the same level as your eyes to limit unnecessary neck movements while you work, such as tilting your head down or up just to see what’s on your screen.

Moreover, aside from its height, you also need to ensure that your monitor is at least an arm’s length from you to give you enough comfortable viewing distance.

  • Mouse and Keyboard

Similarly, your mouse and keyboard should also be at a comfortable enough distance from you to limit unnecessary movements. In this case, their positions should allow you to keep your wrists and forearms in a neutral position, parallel to the desk.

In addition, it would be best if your keyboard were at a slightly tilted angle to make typing more comfortable.

  • Other Office Equipment and Supplies

Aside from this, you need to ensure that any office equipment or supplies you need, such as headsets, phones, or staplers, don’t require you to engage in repetitive motions or awkward positions as this can put too much strain on your body.

  • Office Chair

Last but not least is your office chair. Proper ergonomics for your office chair is undoubtedly vital. After all, it’s one of the most crucial aspects of your workstation since it’s where you’ll be for most of your time at the office.

Therefore, aside from ensuring it’s comfortable enough, you need to know how to adjust it properly to ensure proper posture while seated.

In this case, you need to adjust your chair so that it’s at a comfortable enough height wherein your feet can lie flat on the floor with your knees at a 90-degree angle. In addition, you should be able to sit upright while having enough lumbar support.

If your current office chair doesn’t allow you to do these, it might be a good idea to replace it with one that does.

Great Ergonomics with Ergomeister

With that said, if you’re looking to buy an office chair in Singapore, you can consider the Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG office chair. It offers a wide range of adjustments that allow for optimal support while you work.

In fact, this office chair Singapore allows you to adjust the headrest, backrest, armrests, and overall height and position to ensure you sit comfortably while you work. In addition, it’s made from high-quality Air-Scape Mesh that gives it added breathability and allows it to conform to your body’s contours, adding to the comfort it provides.

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