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Orthopaedic Approved

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Orthopaedic Approved

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Best Materials for the Best Chair

Unbreakable Structure
Our chairs are engineered from ultra-strong nylon, fibre glass, and anti-corrosive aircraft aluminium.

Ultra Durable German Mesh
This tough-as-nails structure is encased in our velvety soft patented Air-Scape™ triple-layered mesh imported from Germany.

Limber Up Your Lumbar

An engineering marvel crafted from 2 decades worth of research and trials.

LumbarFit™ is fully customisable to firmly cradle the spine of a 90kg powerlifter or a 45kg schoolgirl.

No More Awkward Elbows

That annoying ache you get after hours of your arms dangling uncomfortably in mid-air as you type / game / read? A thing of the past with our FlexiShift™ fully-adjustable armrest.

We’ve Got Your Back

The Ergomeister Office Chair reclines back a whopping 135 degrees. Expect full, cushiony back support whether you are fighting off that post-lunch food coma or fervently typing up a proposal.

Gently Cups Your Neck

Your poor, much-abused neck deserves all the tender loving care in the world. Ergomeister’s patented HeadTune™ head rest is adjustable in height up to 10cm, and can be adjusted backwards and forwards.

Meet the Chairs

It may be hard to believe, but it is actually NOT good for your body if your chair is overly soft. The right ergonomic office chair needs to be customised to contour to every groove of your body and encourage good posture. Otherwise you will be wasting your money or worse still – doing more harm to your body in the long run.

You can adjust your Ergomeister Office Chair to perfectly cradle your head, neck, spine, and hips. Find out how below.