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Never break a sweat

Manufactured to enable efficient airflow, keeping you cool and dry even in Singapore’s warm climate.

One to last you a lifetime

Premium multi-layered mesh engineered to provide maximum comfort by automatically taking the shape of any occupant, while springing back to its original form of strength.

Lumbar+ Premium Adjustable Lumbar Support

Firm and comfortable support provided for your lower back, forcing you to maintain a healthy and upright posture while seated for long hours without feeling fatigued.

Adjustable Head Rest to Your Desired Height or Angle

Suitable for all neck types and heights, customisable to any desired comfort. All made possible with just a simple click.

Reclining Back Rest <135°

Seamlessly set a lock your preferred angle of comfort

Adjustable Back Height

Caters to individuals of any height

Adjustable Seat

In and out

360° Adjustable Arm Rest

In and out, up and down, left and right.

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