After Care – Cleaning and Maintaining Your Premium Mesh Office Chair

Mesh Office Chairs by Ergomeister provide cool and comfortable support to all users. The reason to why mesh office chairs are more cool and comfortable than PU leather or fabric office chairs is because the latter traps heat, but the former has holes within the mesh that forces good air flow. That being said, with good air flow, you actually do not need to maintain your mesh office chair so much, especially if it is from Ergomeister! A leather chair would require the application of creams and consistent cleaning. A fabric one would require regularly cleaning and possibly, vacuuming too.

Advantages you enjoy with a mesh chair from Ergomeister, that you won’t with a PU leather or fabric chair:

  • You can sit on a mesh Ergomeister office chair while you are sweaty
  • Mesh chairs are generally more scratch resistant
  • Continued sitting on a PU leather office chair will result in permanent unsightly creases, this won’t happen to a mesh chair
  • A mesh chair is water resistant

Caring for your Ergomeister:

  • Vacuum your seat and backrest once a month
  • Use a mild soap with a clean cloth, or anti-bacterial wet wipes, to wipe through all handles and parts that will be in consistent touch with you

After Care – A Complete Guide to Your New Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG Office Chair