Office Chair Risk Free Trial


There is no other company in Singapore that we know who has a risk free trial. Having a risk free trial removes all risk from the customer, resulting with the business having to bear the risk. People in the market would say that we are stupid. For us, we know for a fact that this is how confident we are with our product. To date, our rate of returns is near 0%. We hope that with such a policy, we would be better able to share the Ergomeister experience with all around the World.


IMPORTANT: When is this NOT applicable?

Orders that are made with instalment payments OR with a use of a discount code are not eligible for the 20 Day Risk Free Trial. The customer will be charged 50 SGD for any returns if the instalment plan or any coupon code was being used. 

20 Day Risk Free Returns are only applicable for customers who purchase without the use of a discount code or without opting for the instalment plan, hence paying in full.

Should we be having a store promotion, for example, from $1699 to $699, customers are still eligible for the returns. 

Free returns are also not eligible if the product appears to be scratched or damaged based on the inspection of our driver who comes to collect.


How it works

Upon receiving your new office chair, you will have 20 days to try it out. We believe that most office chairs are comfortable when you try them out for the first time. However, poor quality mesh office chairs that are rampant in the market, usually show signs of inferior quality after a fortnight. This is why, we believe that our 20 day risk free trial policy will do nothing but help every customer.

Recently, we have discovered many cases of abuse.

To prevent such abuse, here is how the return would work:

  1. You must have used the chair for at least 20 days before stating your interest to return
  2. Submit your interest for a return via the form below
  3. We will respond to you with a date of pick up that will be 30 days from the day of your request.
  4. The refund will be processed 45 days from the date of pick up.
  5. During pick-up, our driver will assess the condition of the office chair. Office chairs with visible man-made and non-organic defects such as tears or openings will not be able to qualify for this return. It is important to note that purchases requiring a pick up for return due to a mistake in order are liable for a pick up fee and must be in good condition in order to be accepted by driver for return.