Dr. Seow Kim Seng/Director & Founder of Macquarie Chiropractic Clinic

“To have a fully customizable chair like what Ergomeister Chair has to offer is essential for people who sit a lot and spend long hours in a deskbound environment; the adjustable lumbar back support ensures the foundation of our spine is well supported, which allows a better centre of gravity for our neck and shoulders to align properly, and hence lesser muscle tensions and soreness around our neck and lower back.

A lot of people who are planning to invest in a good customizable chair may have overlooked the material of the chair. Reason being is that In a full leather seat, unlike the fully breathable mesh material used in Ergomeister Chair, where the breathability of the leather is very limited, the leather captures moisture from our perspiration can be a problem for people with skin issues, as well as the warmer temperature from prolonged sitting can also be a problem for men’s health, considering from many researches and facts that a lower temperature is needed for a better sperm production.
Highly recommending this chair to be of use in your office, or your home space, worth the investment for your health!”

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