Dr.Shaan D. Rai/Founder Of Vitality Chiropractic Centres

“With working from home, especially in the last year, an ergonomic setup is vital. And a good chair is the foundation. A table that’s the right height isn’t that difficult, even screens can be propped up on books or boxes, but a supportive comfortable chair is essential to maintain productivity and prevent injuries. This chair from Ergomeister is fully supportive of the sitting bones on a comfortable mesh, as well as the spine with the backrest and intelligent, adaptable lumbar support.

Many office chairs are too small, forcing people to squash them onto them. However this is the perfect size for any adult and even has a head rest for taller people. Ive been using the chair in my office and it’s both aesthetic and also easy to use, moving smoothly over the wood floors. The chair can be adjusted in all directions, not just for height but also to bring the seat back and forth and the backrest up and down. This is all done conveniently using the small promium switches on the side, no need for a labour intensive lever.

This chair is the perfect addition to your office or home setup, making it easy to get  your work done without suffering back pain or other consequences.”

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