Office Chair Material Comparison: Which One Is Ideal for You?

Sitting for long periods can be tiring, uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful, which is why you need a suitable office chair for your setup. With the right chair, you can keep yourself comfortable and remain focused on your work.

However, finding a suitable office chair can be challenging; you need to consider several factors like durability, height, and lumbar support. Yet, your chair’s material is undoubtedly the most critical one to consider among all of these.

After all, the material significantly impacts just how comfortable your chair is, and it can even determine the level of support your chair has to offer. Still, office chairs can be constructed with various materials – from plastic to mesh, making deciding trickier.

So, what office chair material is best? What benefits does each material type have to offer? Check out this comparison to learn more about the typical office chair materials and the pros and cons of each.

The Most Common Types of Office Chair Materials

Before deciding which office chair material is best, let’s first look at some of the most common materials used to construct office chairs:

1. Plastic

Plastic is a widely used material for various office equipment and furniture, including office chairs. It’s a popular component for workplace furniture because of its simple design and low-maintenance nature.

In fact, the typical glossy finish of plastic chairs makes them easier to clean and maintain, especially if you accidentally spill something on them.

Aside from this, plastic office chairs are often more durable and significantly less costly than other material types frequently used for chairs. In addition, plastic chairs are easier to stack when not in use, freeing up your space for other items.

While most plastic office chairs have relatively simple designs, some have brighter and more striking colours and designs that can liven up your office space.

However, this material type isn’t without its drawbacks. One drawback of plastic office chairs is that they’re not exactly the most comfortable type of office chair around. In fact, the hard surface of the plastic can quickly become uncomfortable.

Moreover, plastic chairs often don’t provide the necessary back support many employees need to maintain their posture, especially if they need to sit for long periods.

Nonetheless, a plastic office chair can be an excellent choice if you want a chair that’s durable yet affordable. In addition, plastic office chairs are also more lightweight and easy to maintain than other materials.

 2. Fabric

The second most common material used for office chairs is fabric. Many computer chairs are made of fabric because they provide a higher comfort level than plastic chairs.

In addition, many of the fabrics used for office chairs are considered hardwearing and durable, although not as much as plastic. Nevertheless, fabric office chairs are popular choices because of their relatively inexpensive price tags and more comfortable nature.

Aside from this, fabric chairs are also easy to maintain, although they tend to be more absorbent. Because of this, it would be best not to spill your drinks on this type of office chair because it can be incredibly challenging to clean it up after.

Another notable characteristic of fabric office chairs is that they can come in an extensive range of colours and designs, allowing you to choose a pattern that best showcases your unique sense of style and personality.

In fact, you can easily find a fabric office chair that will blend well and seamlessly with your existing décor.

However, like plastic, fabric chairs have certain disadvantages as well. For example, their absorbent nature can also make them more susceptible to stains. In addition, they don’t really allow for enough airflow, which makes it easier for them to trap moisture and odours.

Still, fabric office chairs can be the ideal choice if you want something with more comfort, customisation, and durability without being too expensive.

3. Leather

Leather is another popular material for office chairs because it gives them a more prestigious and elegant look. In fact, leather chairs can make your setup look more professional and sophisticated. Aside from this, this material also offers a high level of comfort while you work.

Like plastic, leather office chairs can also be easy enough to maintain, needing only a damp cloth to remove spilled liquids and dirt.

They’re also relatively durable and can last years with proper care. Just make sure to avoid exposing it to too much direct sunlight, and you can expect its lifespan to last long.

However, the downside to leather chairs is that they’re considered more expensive than other material types, especially if you’re opting for genuine leather seats. Leather office chairs are considered an investment because of this.

Moreover, genuine leather is sourced from animal hides, which can be problematic for those leading a vegan lifestyle. 

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a more upgraded and professional executive look, opting for a leather office chair can be your best option.

 4. PU Leather

If you want something that offers leather’s luxurious and elegant look but at a more cost-efficient price, PU leather is an excellent material to go for. Polyurethane leather, or PU leather, is a type of artificially made leather that shares the look and feel of genuine leather.

It’s a popular alternative for those who want to enjoy leather’s sophisticated and prestigious appearance without breaking the bank. This is because PU leather office chairs are available at more budget-friendly price points due to their easy production.

Another benefit of PU leather as an office chair material is that it doesn’t readily absorb moisture, making cleaning it easier and more convenient. You can also find it in various colours and designs, which can make personalising your office chair easier.

Moreover, it doesn’t dry out over time, increasing its lifespan and durability. PU leather is also popular among vegans because it doesn’t use animal hide in its production. This material is also more sustainable because of the fewer resources needed in its manufacturing.

Of course, it has some downsides to it as well, such as the material’s lack of breathability. Because of this, it can be too warm, which can make sitting for long periods more uncomfortable. In addition, despite its long lifespan, the material can also crack and wear out over time, which can be unsightly for some.

Nonetheless, suppose you want a vegan-friendly and more cost-efficient alternative to leather office chairs. In that case, PU leather office chairs can be the ideal choice for you.

5. Mesh

Source: Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG

Last but not least is mesh. Mesh is a breathable material that is often used for office chairs, replacing the traditional padding that’s used in other types. It’s considered a comfortable material because of its flexible and mouldable nature, which allows it to mould itself to your body’s shape.

Aside from this, its high level of breathability enhances your overall comfort because you can remain fresh and cool, even during the height of summer.

Mesh is also a more lightweight material than pads, making your office chair easier to move around should you need to do so. It’s also relatively more affordable than other material types, and they still offer a high level of durability and longevity.

Using mesh for office chairs will also mean that they’re more compact, making them excellent options for tight spaces.

However, mesh chairs also don’t offer the necessary back support many employees need to ensure proper posture. While they provide some level of support, it might not be enough for those who need something sturdier.

Still, if you live in an area with a hot climate, mesh office chairs can offer you enhanced comfort while you work, which can keep you focused on your tasks. It’s also an affordable, compact, and lightweight option if you have limited space in your workspace.

Which Office Chair Material Is Best for You?

Overall, when it comes to which material is best, it ultimately depends on your unique needs and preferences. Moreover, you also have to consider factors like your style and budget when selecting a suitable material.

Source: Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG

However, mesh can still be the ideal choice among all available materials, especially if you need to sit for more extended periods. The breathable nature of mesh also further adds to its comfort, making it an excellent material for office chairs.

Moreover, mesh offers the durability and comfort that plastic and fabric chairs provide. It has a sleek appearance that can suit any space. In addition, it’s relatively easy to maintain, and you don’t have to worry too much about its longevity.

In contrast, leather chairs, including PU leather ones, are tougher and more costly to maintain, mainly if peeling occurs. Meanwhile, fabric chairs are too absorbent and don’t offer enough breathability, similar to plastic office chairs.

Final Thoughts

However, suppose you’re looking for the ideal mesh office chair. In that case, it’s best to get one from a reputable provider like us, Ergomeister.

At Ergomeister, we offer two ergonomic office chairs that use high-quality mesh for their construction. In fact, we only use German-engineered Premium Ergonomic Air-Scape™ Mesh to provide our clients with the ultimate comfort and breathability.

This promotes better airflow with our office chairs, making sure that you’re comfortable the entire time. Moreover, this also contributes to their easy-to-maintain nature because they don’t trap moisture and odours as quickly as the others.

Still unsure? Get in touch with us or visit our showroom and learn more about what our chairs have to offer. So, bring home your very own Ergomeister Office Chair today and enjoy a more comfortable experience, whether at home or the office.

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